What is missing in T&A systems?

Time and Attendance Systems (T&A) used for analysis employees' work time play essential role in everyday work of HR departments. There are many different solutions, however, most of them offer only basic functionalities such as events registration ( workers’ entrances and exits ) or the summing up of working hours. It can be enough for HR departments controlling purposes (time-sheets) but not for business analysis ofbproper resources usage and reporting.

What should be the features of a good T&A system to satisfy both employees and HR department specialists?

First of all, the access to particular data by authorized people should be possible via the Internet, electronic system of notifications and information flow. Instead of installation of a program on a PC , software is available as a „cloud service” monthly paid. What is more, one system can operate many locations and branches all over the world what gives large controlling and management possibilities.

Another important factor is the possibility of flexible parameters configuration of the whole organisation, group or a person in order to reflect correct schemes of work of employees working on the basis of different job contracts and agreements. Moreover, both adding and edition of time periods and their proper classification make further analysis and reports generating possible.

The work schemes planning and scheduling of shift work must include not only the regulations of labour law but also supervisor’s requirements and needs of employees. In order to make everything coherent there must be a mechanism to edit and control such parameters as working hours limits, terms of accepted and planned vacations, registered days of sick-leave. A good system not only can check accuracy but also gives an advice on what tasks should not be planned or included in a working scheme.

In order to fully benefit from working time registration system one need to make use of additional functionalities of working time analysis system, so called ATMS. This solution have an in-built planning mechanism for planning, registering, qualifications and detailed analysis of time devoted to particular tasks, orders or projects. Ordinary T&A systems do not allow dynamic definition of work environment parameters or more detailed registration of tasks either at the office or outdoors.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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