What do we know from customer service surveys?

Be friendly

Friendly service is one of the main features taken into account by customers (eg. The Harris Interactive survey). It is not just consultant’s culture of the speech. The most important is to create the feeling that the client is well known by the company. It can be difficult, even impossible if a consultant does not have access to all relevant customer data at the beginning of a contact. Unfortunately, it is the most common practice.

The customer flinches, he must tell his story from the beginning, although the company should know it well. Consultant becomes frustrated because he cannot get access to the sales system, and the complaint one has just hung ... Pat from the start.

What do we advise our clients? Using the CREAM care functionality. System of widgets on a single screen displays all the important information about the client. Furthermore, automatically recognizes it, for example by the phone number or e-mail. Quickly and efficiently.

CEO’s self-satisfied

As many as 80% of CEO’s believe they provide their clients with high quality service. Unfortunately, only 8% of customers confirm it (Bain&Company survey). How to prevent the divergent opinions?

Rely on CREAM care. The solution allows you to introduce the customer service on the highest level. Apart from the powerful information possibilities accessible to the consultants, the system can also be an advisor: indicate the optimal solution, suggest the next steps and the most suitable for a given customer products and services. Thanks to these, increases not only quality of customer service but also sales.

The positive aspects of the complaint

70% of customers are willing to further cooperation with a company that positively consider the complaint (Ruby Newell-Legner research). It's a good news. Even better is that CREAM care will help accelerate the pace of complaint and indicate you the most optimal solution both for the client and the company.

Written by Zbigniew Engiel


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