Weight of price. You need to lift

"Price" is the real taboo in the world of sales. There are many theories that say at which point of trade meeting is best to start talking about it and how to present it. However the vast majority traders, even those very experienced claimes that talk about price makes them still problematic because it is often a matter of intuition and adequately cope with the emotions, not the amount.

Work on Yourself

It's so interesting that experience, not only professional but life in general, just on this issue perhaps more bother than help. Because we look at the price and on the client through the prism of our own experience and how we would the price received. Sometimes it happens subconsciously and is a matter of continuing work on each other and the same observation. The aim is to aquire skills enabling the isolation of this type of state of mind during trade talks.

Self confidence is the key

The terms such as expensive or cheap should be removed from our heads. Why? That's because if we do not have the belief that our product is in the right price that corresponds to its value, if too quickly we will assess the client, it subconsciously gives expression to the conversation. This will also be reflected in our posture, gestures, voice etc. This is another element that requires training. Just the more conversations, contacts with clients with different level of wealth, the greater will be our flexibility an reliability in its discussions according to finance.

Example from real life

To illustrate the subject will use the history that I have seen. One of the traders had to prepare leasing offer for the customer. Monthly rate amounted to 3 420 Euro. The merchant was terrified. Picked up this amount as not comprised in the head and did not know how to say it to the client. So he went with his head bowed and trembling voice made an offer. The customer listened to and said: "Ok. So the rate is about 3 500 Euro. Great". The merchant was so amazed that he did not know how he should continue conversation. He could not become a professional partner for the customer. The result of this was was the lack of order. His fear and lack of confidence led to a loss of customer. It was a good lesson which you can save yourself lucky.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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