We are more fit!

Our client Fitnessmarkt GmbH boldly operates on international markets. We are pleased we have participated in this success. Recently our client has taken part in FIBO 2015 fairs.

Here are 4 easy ways to meet customers' requests , goals of the company and at the same time to start the new year in a good mood. If in the pre-Christmas period of increased traffic in your company something went wrong, consider these principles as New Year's resolutions!

Fitnessmarkt is a marketplace for fitness and therapy equipment. It offers an easy way for manufacturers, retailers, owners of gyms or rehabilitation centres as well as physiotherapy practices and of course private persons to sell new or used equipment and accessories by directly getting in contact with the seller. Fitnessmarkt brings together supply and demand and connects seller and prospective buyer.

Fitnessmarkt is developing more and more. Every month 200 new sellers, generating 6000 items, join the platform. Currently our client begins expansion on French, English and Dutch markets. We are delighted that we can assist in this development. Fitnessmarkt has been our client since 2013 and we are doing our best to stay with us for good.

Very interesting part of the site is the Magazine, where one can find a lot of tips and information about workouts and physical development. Fitnessmarkt has two languages versions: German and English.

Fitnessmarkt’s stand at the FIBO 2015 looked really great. We have also contributed to it-thanks to our companty the client was able to present a new version of its platform.

Written by Zbigniew Engiel


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