Standard or dedicated solution?

That is the question. In the beginning, check the pros and cons. Calculation of the profit and loss account, because the balance must match. But in the company as in life - not everything can be converted into money. Similarly, the choice between the standard system and dedicated one. The price and simplicity of boxed solutions are tempting. Bespoke systems - a perfect fit to the specifics of the company. How to choose wisely?

Straight out of the box

Standard solutions (boxed) are mainly CRM systems and ERP systems and systems serving typical areas of activity, ie. accounting and HR. Boxed solutions suite wherever we are dealing with a standard process that is the same in other companies. For example, working time: all employees work from Monday to Friday from 8 to 16, excluding holidays and days off. There's no doubt about it. The solution is a standard system created for a wide audience, and thus tested by companies doing similar business.

What do we gain? In case of boxed solutions, one can count on the support and development of the system by the manufacturer. Development costs are spread over all customers. Similarly, the production cost of this solution is shared among customers what makes the final system purchase price much lower. The low price is not an advantage in itself. In addition, in determines the developers to the maximum simplification in the system implementation and operation. You may install and intuitively operate the system and save on training costs. What is important for manufacturers of ready-made solutions, is the possibility to modify it to a certain extent. However, the assumption of these solution cannot be fully adapted to the specificity of each company.


The full adaptation of the system to the business realities is a task of dedicated solutions. It is created from the beginning to the end as a reflection of the processes in the company. For example, time: employees work in shifts in continuous motion, based on various forms of employment (job contract, self-employment, mandate contract). In this situation, the purchase of custom solutions is the only right answer to the real needs of the company. This system, created on the basis of a pre-business processes professional analysis, is a long-term investment. The comparison to a tailor-made suit is the most appropriate.

Tailored solutions are ideal for companies - market leaders. Do you want to be a leader? - You require an individual approach. In this situation, the flexibility is essential. In companies where the competitiveness of the market determines the quality of implementation of the key business processes, dedicated systems are required. Is more expensive or more complex system also more sophisticated to use? No. Implementation of the created on request system does not cause any organizational changes. The implementation process and services are simple because the system is based on operating procedures known to the employees.

Your company is not large but cares about the development and streamlining of business? Its functioning is similar to other companies in your industry? Choose ready solutions.

Your company is or wants to be a leader in the market? It operates according to its own rules and sets new trends in business? Choose dedicated solution.

Standard solution or dedicated? Your choice.

Written by Sylwia Mazurek


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