Serve the customers as a man not a machine

My conversations with People show that by using the latest technology, companies significantly reduce the response time for customer requests, which is undoubted advantage. On the other hand automation makes customers feel increasingly treated as a gray mass, which causes a lot of frustration. I also very strongly irritate when get the information that my application has been accepted and I should no answer because the message is generated automatically.

Other example is when I have to wade through the entire list of suggested questions and answers before I get to a place where I can contact someone from the service. I do not need multichannel possibility of contact with the company, if the person on the other side does not even know who I am.

The most important is fact that there is little need to reverse this situation and provide a crucial edge over the competition. In Social Media and internal systems, companies have endless amounts of information about customers. They should be only taken out, adequately filter and displayed in accessible form on the screen a customer service representative. He will be immediately able to act in such a way that the client smiles with satisfaction. For the company it will be something priceless.


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