How to discipline unpunctual employees?

Late to work - a neverending story

Usually the boss doesn’t mind if it happens occasionally. However, some employees unconsciously or deliberately reduce their working time each day. This can lead to tensions not only between the employee and the employer but also among workmates. This situation has a negative impact on the atmosphere at work. The employee believes that the boss is rigorous. The employer believes that he is deceived and co-workers feel treated unjustly.

Unjustified costs for employers

In case of regular late - 10 minutes each day - the employer pays the employee weekly salary in year for doing nothing. This is a paradox because the employee gets salary for not working. From the costs optimization point of view such attitude is unacceptable. In this situation the total delay time per month should be either deducted from the salary or the employee should work off the lacking hours. It is difficult to do this without precise knowledge of the amount of time during which the worker wasn’t working.

Remedy for being late

The simplest solution is an electronic system for analysis and calculating the working time. A system will calculate working time for each worker. The situation will be clear to the boss and the employee. The employee knows about its time to work off and can stay longer in the selected day. The situation will be clear. Introduction of such a system will discipline the staff.

Benefits for working overtime

However not everyone has a problem with being late, many people work overtime. The usage of the system for working time analysis allows them an insight into the individual working time accounts and checking the number of overtime hours. After the consultation with the boss overtime hours can be added to the salary or one can have an additional day-off.

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Written by Sylwia Mazurek


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