How to choose a customer service system in e-commerce?

Here are 4 easy ways to meet customers' requests , goals of the company and at the same time to start the new year in a good mood. If in the pre-Christmas period of increased traffic in your company something went wrong, consider these principles as New Year's resolutions!

1. Treat the client individually

Banality! But it is a very important factor. Determines the level of service quality, as well as the customer's personal feelings to the company. During the year there are hot periods where it is easier to fall into the scheme of generalization. Eg. Send to all customers generally available information about promotions or stamp-wishes at any occasion. But thanks to technology and the right systems we have access to plenty of data about our customers. Time to take advantage of this! Do not be like everyone else, who are flooding their clients with the next “super offers”. Satisfying customer’s needs will bring your company more benefits. Your customers need attention, time and patience. Promotions go by but your will benefit from your attitude towards customer in the future.

2. Provide comfort ... to your employees!

Yes, customer service department needs special care. This job requires patience and concentration. Your employees are heavily burdened with tasks, they feel the pressure of time running and at the same time the pressure from customer. The temperature in the office is increasing. It is good to have a B plan, when the situation becomes really difficult. The use of customer solutions in the cloud technology is a real safety valve. This option allows you to work remotely and while providing access to the resources necessary to the good performance of their duties. It is also a good option for mobile people.

3. Take some time to customers

There are periods of the year when customers are generally more nervous. The reason is the time - ending sales, the upcoming Valentine's Day, birthdays or holidays. You should understand their haste and frustration. However, this atmosphere cannot influence the employees serving customers. An effective solution to this difficult times is a good knowledge of the customer - the needs, requirements and preferences. It is worth spending some time to really understand the customer. Finding quick solutions is the greatest temptation. Unfortunately,this is typical behavior when we feel the pressure of time. But quick solutions seldom turn out to be good. Putting the customer precise questions, preparing notes will pay off in the future. Eg. during the re-contact the customer will not have to present his case from the beginning. Then you both will gain - the time and nerves.

3. Client. Mine? Yours? Ours!

Wrongly customer service is understood only as a relation one to one - between the client and the consultant. It should go a step further and create a relationship client - company. Wait a minute. And what about the individual approach to the customer? It's easy. Just to share information! Consultants have access to feedback from the client on a regular basis. And information is the most valuable resource for the company. Do you know about the customer something that other employees do not know - share it. This will give the customer the feeling that he is important for you. No matter who the consultant will be served by. To działa! It works! I will provide your company with high quality service regardless of whether you have 30 or 30,000 customers!

If all employees know the same information about the customer, the company will benefit from it. Use the available information to develop your relationship with your customers. Share insights that can strengthen brand loyalty and greater customer satisfaction. Gather information in the system that is used every day to work. Easy access is the basis.

In the new year one can easily overwhelm employees with tons of tasks and issues to resolve. The wise use of resources proves to be very helpful then. New Year is a new beginning. Start really fruitful year for both the company and its employees and customer. Use it wisely.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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