How to build customer relationship in e-commerce?

How to build customer relationship in e-commerce?

E-commerce industry has been developing very dynamically in recent years. The largest retailers of electronics or household goods are starting to open their stores on the internet. A few years ago the biggest giants in the market resisted that market trend.

When creating e-commerce platforms, even the big players often neglect issues of good relationships with their customers. On one hand, they focus on attracting attention and sales but on the other hand, the customer service ends only with information on what stage the realization of the order is.

Focusing only on sales

In most cases, the drama begins at the moment when something goes wrong. Once the package is lost by the carrier, the liability is discharged to the partner. If the goods are defective or in the wrong quantity, client is often irritated and requires special treatment. The staff in customer service team is often not sufficient because the e-commerce systems are primarily focused on sales, not on service.

What to do?

In order to prevent the negative opinions of customers in such moments you need to act quickly without unnecessary shifts in time. If the situation gets out of control, in the blink of an eye there are negative reviews on the store or product in the web. That, of course, has a negative impact on acquiring new customers. In addition, research shows that more than half of the respondents declared his resignation from the cooperation with the company due to problems with obtaining high-quality customer service.

Good relationship influences the sales

Every customer treats the relationship with a representative of the e-store very individually and must feel as a VIP or a good friend. When you do not have a possibility to see your customer- you should focus on building a good relationship with him.

Therefore, in addition to the standard information about components of the order, the customer support agent should have a wide range of information that allows to build a good relationship. For example, during the contact, you could refer to their shopping preferences, personal data surveys or ask him how the equipment purchased 3 years ago is doing.

Moreover, the customer service department should be able to easily identify the customer, verify and transfer the current state of the case. That is why, the precisely designed system for customer service seems to be the natural choice.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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