Customer service – online stores often forget about it

An article by Stephanie Gallardo posted in the International Business Times, entitled "5 Income-Boosting Tips For Online Sellers" has inspired me to write this text. It lists five major aspects of running a business online. In my opinion, it lacks the sixth - customer service.

Of course, the points mentioned in the article (promote your products, prove you're legit, establish a good reputation, have varied online payment system, make your site or online store attractive) are very important. I would even say-fundamental. However, in times of low online customers loyalty we need to make efforts to keep them for longer.

One of the ways to achieve it is certainly a professional customer service. We notice it instantly when our sales grow and we have more interactions with the customers. If we do it wrong, it is quickly reflected in the store reputation and may reduce the number of transactions.

On the other hand, full knowledge about the client, his previous purchases, reported complaints and other forms of contact could make him become our regular customer. Moreover, we will be praised, both on-line and off-line. This is a value for every type of business.

More tips on improving the quality of customer service you can find in our another blog posts. If you are looking for solution which can help in this area, you could consider CREAM care.

Written by Zbigniew Engiel


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