Customer service more valuable than a product?

The contemporary market is full of goods and services. Now the product isn’t a value in itself, because there are many similar substitutes. Customer service becomes an added value to the real product, distinguishing it from other similar products. As a result, the relationship between the customer and the company, given to a product additional value, is becoming more and more important. From this point of view a customer service is a key business process in the company. On the buyer's market the customer service is a tool by means of which company compete with one another.

The whole company is thinking about a customer

Companies that recognize in this regard chances of attracting and maintaining a customer know that an effective service is associated with changes in the company organizational culture. Every aspect of the business must be subordinated to the customer. Nothing new. However, creating such a culture requires an involvement of every employee of the company - from the highest to the lowest level.

Customer service is a process

There are often action when on a customer service that doesn’t give the expected results. This typically happens when the service is understood only as a smile of the first line staff. The key to the company success is the awareness of all employees of their work ultimate goal which is the customer satisfaction. The important task of management is to define a coherent vision, mission and service procedures and afterwards transfer them to other employees so that they could use them in their daily work.

What if the product is immaterial?

Customer service becomes highly important today when many products has an immaterial character. In such a situation, the level of service line, via e-mail or on chat are the most important elements for the customer. The consultant’s knowledge about a product or service and the familiarity of a customer history are also very important. At the same time, the issue of an individual treatment of each customer is extremely important. The customer, even being the only one of hundreds thousands, must be convinced that the company is familiar with the needs, no matter which consultant he is supported by.

Don’t leave a customer

A customer, who isn’t fully satisfied with a product but positively remembers the after-sales process, for example during product complaint , will willingly use an offer of this company rather than a customer who has bought a better product but has had negative associations with the customer service. This story is repeated many times, just because it is true.

Everything happens around the customer

It is no exaggeration to say that customer service is one of the most important processes in the company because in fact, the future of the company depends on it. In fact, the customer is the axis around which the key processes of the company revolve.

Written by Sylwia Mazurek


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