Crisis as a chance

Crises happen in well and badly managed enterprises. Some of them are overoptimistic about the future, about position in which they are. In such cases, unrealistic assessment of the current and forthcoming situation may disrupt self control and strengthen a belief in own indestructibility. Quite often the crisis is a taboo among managers in organizations. So they are not thinking about such things, they do not talk about it too much. If crisis happens, managers are not prepared enough to fight against heavy problems.

Recognizing symptoms, prevention and healing are the most peculiar and important methods in crisis management in today’s times, in any industry. Being prepared for more or less unexpected disturbances can help to save money and time, to restore the previous or better situation. Crisis in a business unit is like a war for survive and sometimes more – a battle for better future. Crises can have two sides of a medal. One is that it may provide a real danger for the future of organization. Second is a chance that can be a leverage in the company’s growth, can deliver a progress or better position on the market.

The area of crisis can be located in many departments and parts like human resources, marketing, IT/technology, accounting, finance, legal, supply, production, sales, assets maintenance, service and many others. This is because in every process a mankind is involved. The human being is least anticipating creature and most deceptive component of the organization. By reason of that, every point of a company may be a target of crisis stroke. So knowledge management takes important place on the map of anti-crisis programs.

Making detailed diagnosis of the organization, an analysis of the company against its environment is first stage in the anti-crisis management and requires specific tools. Implementing a modern and analytical Time&Attendance system called ATMS Watch will allow to reduce personnel costs and rise work efficiency. Having such strong IT tool is even necessary to review actual situation, make assumptions and take proper actions. The system gives an opportunity to go ahead or to be at least one step before a crisis, which may intensify without it. A huge number of information will be obtained and data from T&A solution are useful for further comparisons or statistics. These data must be classified, ordered and grouped in order to remove disturbances and to make a real image of problems around the firm.

The poorer a company situation is, the more deeply an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats ought to be considered. Having preprocessed analytical data, the further step is synthesis of different kinds of information, writing some scenarios. The scenarios should possess a real description of what can happened, what tendencies may occur in the future. Better to know or anticipate threats and prevent them than to extinguish a fire.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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