Continuous improvements as a way of attracting and retaining customers

Every day brings new challenges and expectations, and sometimes it can even surprise with the course of events. What is certain today, tomorrow may go down to the history. What makes that the product is not aging, on the contrary, it gains in the eyes of customers? Good design, high quality and functionality should be enough for a long time… true?

It is often forgotten that nothing is permanent and safe forever. For example, the best car today, will it be so in a year or two? Probably not, unless its advantage over competing models is significant, or there is a continuous development of the product, which will keep the leading position. To achieve this, you need actively follow the trends, needs and requirements of customers and react in advance to the changes occurring in the market.

The situation is similar in the case of software and information technology. You can guess how many users can be lost as a result of the lack of development activities or bad decisions. On the other hand, by small investments you can keep your existing customers or attract new ones. In time, it may turn out that further development of the product is no longer possible and you have to create a new and better solution, without the mistakes of the past. Much depends on the product life cycle, whether it is still in demand and has potential for profitable sales. Therefore, is it worth not to invest in existing product?

From the point of view of generating future revenue, total freeze of product development will not be the best solution. According to the market rules, continuous changes mean that a better solutions displace and replace over time the worse ones, so you have to reckon with the gradual aging of the product. If you do not want to be in a tail , you need to look for better ways to facilitate a work and more user-friendly functionalities. Errors, that from the point of view of software developer are seemingly insignificant, in the eyes of the end user often grow to the highest rank, which determines the image of the application or the producer. It is better to improve and upgrade the product step by step, listening to customer needs, than do nothing. But when the new technology appears and makes the need to do the more expensive step, then you should think about the sense of maintaining the application. However, thanks to the constant changes for the better results, we gain an experience, which transfers into higher quality and helps to maintain or achieve a leading position.

Is it worth to improve the product and add new functionalities? History has shown and taught that nothing is so conducive to sell products as innovative and easy to use solutions. People appreciate the convenience and time saving, hence the emphasis on practical user interface is very important. Often the user is willing to pay more for a piece of luxury. Small but carefully attached changes to the user's specific solutions heighten customers pleasure, and over time make that they are eager to recommend this product to acquaintances. It can help to improve the image and, consequently, increase the sales. Just as many small drops create a stream of water, as a single, targeted decisions and actions can create a positive image of the company and build competitive advantage.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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