5 things that are pushing up the quality of Customer Service

Quality of service is the topic still present in the discourse of people from the business world. The vast majority of them agree that in an era of increasingly fierce and aggressive competition, customer satisfaction with the service is a component that allows to gain really much in the market at relatively low cost. It sounds good, right? In practice, the use of these assumptions is not easy, because it requires a reorganization and mental changes within the company, which is often in the daily pursuit for profits is pushed aside. Fortunately with support coming technology solutions that fit the customers in amazement.

First of all: Knowing of the Customer.

Everyone likes and appreciates, when a person who supports us, treats us personally and knows our preferences when we buy or make contact with the company, again and again. However we are often treated as an anonymous person and all communications have to start from the beginning. Fortunately, today an employee of Customer Service office on desktop of his computer may have a preview of all the relevant information about Customer to handle him professionally and it does not matter if an employee works for a week or for a year and if he knows Client or supports him for the first time. it really makes a big difference in the perception of the company in the eyes of Customers.

The information you need: here and now

How many times does it happen that the customer has lost his temper unnecessarily, frustrated and losing all acquired enthusiasm for the company because of the chaos that reigns in it. The reasons are often trivial. A worker can not find document, an important message has not been communicated at the appropriate time, the Customer has made arrangements with someone who is on vacation and is sent away empty-handed, etc. These situations cause frustration not only to Customers but also to employees who lose their desire for action and quickly burn out. Everything changes when the system supports Customer Service employee is able to provide all necessary information to confidently and professionally resolve the matter with which the client comes to us. Without having to log to multiple systems, without browsing the heap of files, without asking many people and time consuming search for answers. Everything that you need here and now is available on a single screen in addition with the suggestion what to do next. What e relief!

Flexibility that Customer will appreciate

All of Systems even these the most intuitive and intelligent in part require schematic action proceedings. But it does not have to be the case. The most important is the direct relationship with another man and the reaction to his behavior . So really flexible tool or system allows you to bypass any of the stages of the service or to make an unforeseen or for custom behavior and save it to prompt the next time, when the situation requires. Another big plus for us in Customers perception.

Track service process and draw conclusions.

It's probably the dream of every manager to have continuous access to reports that show the real situation at the moment so as to be able to react instantly and immediately draw conclusions. This allows you to make date changes in the modeled processes, improve their responsiveness to suggestions, etc. This make our company stronger and more pro customer oriented.

Harmony as a reward

This makes the company more resilient to fluctuations and sudden changes in the market. Allows you to work smarter, faster and more professional than the competition. Harmonisation provides us security and confidence, regardless of the situation, and for the customer is the guarantor of the entrusted confidence.

To achieve this set of five elements is extremely important to human factor and organizational culture of the company. You need to work on this for years. But with rotating staff , the need for immediate response and action should be supported with tools that will allow our people to increase the efficiency and professionalism in carrying out daily tasks.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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