5 common mistakes in software development branch

The software creation is regarded as an art. One can like it or not but it always evokes interests both in persons involved - clients and “artists” that is software developers. The first ones are looking for something interesting and unique while the others are focused on the possibilities of selling their work.

Lack of time

It is known not from today that most of us are still complaining on the lack of time. That is why, our activities should be run multi-line and products should be improved whenever possible. Such a strategy is legitimated till the time when the product is postponed and its transience becomes the final result.

Lack of flexibility

All user’s remarks appearing after software implementation are crucial. Client’s opinion and response to his needs are the first exam for the whole team of software developers. Not all can be foreseen and even the client do not always have the clear vision of what he wants to get. However, fulfilling minor and easy from software developer’s perspective needs costs almost nothing but one can benefit from it in the future.

Lack of autotesting

There is not and there will not be an application without errors. There are only application not-fully diagnosed. This is, however, no excuse for lack of thinking and concentration on the most common problems. The easiest example is the description part in the user’s native language : writing and stylistics in UI. Issues less important for programmer or tester ( for example: misprint or maintainability) are often very important for the user and crucial for future decisions.

Lack of self-assessment

Critical self-assessment of work already done should take place on each stage of production process. Helpful can be benchmarking which enables us to look at our results from the perspective of similar solutions. Things can always be improved or done in another way to be more user –friendly but one should be aware of possibilities and the best solutions in order not to repeat the worst ones.

Lack of business attitude

Each stage of production process such as analysis, project, software development, testing and implementation generates costs from business point of view. It is obvious that each listed stage should be done in the best way to avoid mistakes correction. Reciprocal connection and feedback can limit the number of mistakes and have an impact on costs reduction which leads to the increase of profitability ratio.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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