3 simple apps that make sales easier

Using the mobile application CREAM you can improve the quality of the sales process - always show the current business offer, maintain individual relationships with customers, create offer and orders at the client's office, completed orders quickly. How?

Step 1 - Present your offer

No matter how many products you have in an offer and how many clients you want to present it, it ts good to have it complete in one place. Carrying all catalogues which contain offered products - it ceased to be fashionable. I has never been comfortable. There is a way to have an offer ready for presentation at hand – mobile app CREAM deal. Regardless of the industry you accumulate their products in one place easily. The customer will be happy watching on the tablet all your products.

Application CREAM deal is a combination of an attractive product catalogue with a simple sales system. The application interacts with solutions from package of CREAM, but can work separately. The application can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store and for a small amount of products and customers it can be used free of charge. By CREAM deal, even at the client's office, you create an offer or an order for products that he is interested in. You're online? You send it immediately by e-mail.

Step 2 - Be in touch with the customer

Some people like to talk on the phone. Others prefer e–mail. Still others are too busy and prefer just a short text message. The connection of different platforms in one application makes your contact with the client smoother, regardless of the communication method.

CREAM assistant application synchronizes with a contact book in your smartphone. Thanks to it, you contact with your clients more comfortably . What is more, after the conversation you can make a short summary note. A note will be displayed when a customer calls again. And before you answer the phone, you will know what you were talking about last time. So this builds up an individual relationship. The apps is free and available for download from Google Play. With CREAM assistant you plan tasks, meetings or conversations comfortably. The application will remind you about your current and exceeded dates. It is important at every stage of the sale.

Step 3 - complete your order efficiently

You have already sold. The customer is waiting for the products. Everything seems to be simple - the warehouse gets a comand and completes the order. But implementation of the order is one of those stages where time is very important. How to operate more quickly and at the same time prepare the order with the utmost care?

CREAM storekeeper application allows employees in warehouse to preview orders created using CREAM deal+ by sellers (both applications are synchronized with the CREAM sales). The client’s orders can be completed immediately. The application adjusts the visibility of orders to the competence of employees. This division of responsibilities increases the efficiency of the warehouse operation. Compatibility of the application with barcode readers is another way to save time in the implementation of orders. All accurately and quickly therefore efficiently!

If you are looking for applications supporting sales process in your company, check tastecream.com and contact us!

Written by Sylwia Mazurek


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