4 rules thanks to which this year will be better for your company 13 stycznia, 2017 by Sylwia Mazurek - Industry does not matter. New Year is always a challenge. Beginning of the year is the time to face new targets. How to support workers at the start? How to add zeal and do not repeat 4 rules thanks to which this year will be better for your company.
Implementation of new employees, that is what a good CRM will do for you 25 października, 2016 by Sylwia Mazurek - A new employee appears in the company. The management board and other employees want him to start doing his duties. Of course, all have in their minds the fact that the implementation may take a while. The question is: how long?
Continuous improvements as a way of attracting and retaining customers 25 sierpnia, 2016 by Nikola Gołębiewska - Every day brings new challenges and expectations, and sometimes it can even surprise with the course of events. What is certain today, tomorrow may go down to the history. What makes that the product is not aging, on the contrary, it gains in the eyes of customers? Good design, high quality and functionality should be enough for a long time… true?
The client. To recognize and to serve. 26 lipca, 2016 by Zbigniew Engiel - About good relations with customers and high quality service a whole book can be written. However, keeping it in practice is not easy to achieve. Especially in the case of companies with a wide range of products and thousands of customers. It seems that in this case the construction of the relationship is not possible.
3 simple apps that make sales easier 15 kwietnia, 2016 by Sylwia Mazurek - The only thing better than a sale is a higher sale! It is not enough to lower the prices of products or fill store shelves to the brim of products. You should look at sales as a process , not a one-time event. We suggest how using simple tools - mobile applications – one can sell easier and more effective!
Customer service more valuable than a product? 22 lutego, 2016 by Sylwia Mazurek - Products almost identical. Services similar. What does a customer choose? The offer from company which knows and understands him; that is - ensuring the highest level of a customer service. What to do to guarantee the same service quality for 20 or 20 000 customers?
Szumi dokoła las… rzecz o ekosystemie danych 1 grudnia, 2015 by Witold Kotarba - Jak często analitykom zdarza się natknąć na mnogość różnych zbiorów danych, z różnych systemów, danych logicznie powiązanych, ale technologicznie rozbieżnych? Często? A może zawsze? Wiele lat temu miałem okazję realizować kilka projektów dla dużej firmy. Jednym z moich zadań było skonsolidowanie danych klientów rozsianych w kilku różnych bazach, systemach, formatach, biorących udział w powiązanych, ale mimo wszystko technicznie odseparowanych procesach.
The business benefits of cloud-based applications 26 listopada, 2015 by Nikola Gołębiewska - Offers that information systems are available as a service in the cloud are often hastily rejected. Is that right? It seems that concerns about cloud computing are usually exaggerated, because of the lack of rules and methods of using such applications. Often the lack of ownership of the product, services and its physical presence in user’s IT resources based on purchased license cause user many problems based on the habits and past experience.
How to discipline unpunctual employees? 9 listopada, 2015 by Sylwia Mazurek - We are just humans. From time to time it happens to come late to work. Being late occasionally is not a big deal. It isn’t difficult to oversleep, stuck in a traffic jam or the bus may arrive late. However, the laggard employee is a problem for employer. It is easy to calculate that 10 minutes late every day for a year gives additional free week! It isn’t right for both employers and for workmates.
What do we know from customer service surveys? 5 października, 2015 by Zbigniew Engiel - No matter what kind of researches on customer service are analysed, some common features can be noticed. Customers' needs seem obvious, but too rarely company implement them in practice. Despite of the best intentions, the customer service departments are not able to exceed their limitations. They are consequences of both outdated and inflexible customer service systems.
Best wishes for software developers 17 września, 2015 by Zbigniew Engiel - Programmers' Day is celebrated on 13th September. On this occasion we have conducted a brief survey on the statistical programmer. The answers will suprise you.
Standard or dedicated solution? 15 września, 2015 by Sylwia Mazurek - That is the question. In the beginning, check the pros and cons. Calculation of the profit and loss account, because the balance must match. But in the company as in life - not everything can be converted into money. Similarly, the choice between the standard system and dedicated one. The price and simplicity of boxed solutions are tempting. Bespoke systems - a perfect fit to the specifics of the company. How to choose wisely?
Jak pozyskać dobre dane do analiz? 3 września, 2015 by Witold Kotarba - Nawet najlepsza metodologia, bez właściwych danych, jest tylko bezużyteczną teorią. I odwrotnie – precyzyjne dane, bez właściwego pomysłu na ich wykorzystanie, są tylko zbędnym zbiorem liczb zaśmiecającym dysk serwera i marnującym cenny czas analityka.
Opportunities and useful functionalities in advanced T&A systems 31 lipca, 2015 by Nikola Gołębiewska - People often forget about what a software supporting the settlement of working time can and should be used for. Many simple solutions can only register and save the beginning and the end of working day, sometimes extra output for a break or business trip. It's often not enough, because the presence in the workplace does not prove a work. With the help may come advanced analytical systems that complement a simple registration with additional information and archive the full story Czytaj więcej
What’s up with this syndrome of eternal seller? 17 lipca, 2015 by Nikola Gołębiewska - For a long period of time it's been heard that everything that surrounds us can be bought, negotiated, sold and then passed along. Is it true, without any philosophical excursions of course?
How to settle the working time of fieldworkers? 1 czerwca, 2015 by Zbigniew Engiel - Time and attendance systems are associated with stationary card readers used to register a personal card when one comes to work and goes out. But how to control time of fieldworkers eg. engineers supervising the construction?
Software Development Outsourcing – why and how to use it 11 maja, 2015 by Nikola Gołębiewska - As we use the services of specialists in real life, it is worth to consider entrusting a task of writing a software to skilled professionals.
We are more fit! 17 kwietnia, 2015 by Zbigniew Engiel - Our client Fitnessmarkt GmbH boldly operates on international markets. We are pleased we have participated in this success. Recently our client has taken part in FIBO 2015 fairs.
Customer service – online stores often forget about it 9 kwietnia, 2015 by Zbigniew Engiel - An article by Stephanie Gallardo posted in the International Business Times, entitled "5 Income-Boosting Tips For Online Sellers" has inspired me to write this text. It lists five major aspects of running a business online. In my opinion, it lacks the sixth - customer service.
The effect of first impressions 15 lutego, 2015 by Nikola Gołębiewska - Have you ever considered why you like or dislike someone? Everyone at least once in a lifetime has asked such a question with reference to relations with another person. If you, dear reader, haven't asked yet I am pretty sure you will, especially when you meet your mother-in-law.
CMS and Customer Support 4 lutego, 2015 by Witold Kotarba - What do you think when you see phrases Content Management System (CMS) and Customer Support together in the same sentence? Yes, you are right - the most common thing is contact form.
What is missing in T&A systems? 16 grudnia, 2014 by Nikola Gołębiewska - What should be the features of a good T&A system to satisfy both employees and HR department specialists?
How to increase the potential of employees? 26 listopada, 2014 by Nikola Gołębiewska - There are many ways to solve problems or improve performance in this matter, but from my point of view the best and fastest results gives using of appropriate tools and solutions.
Organize your contacts with customers. It is a key to higher profits and better position of a company 19 listopada, 2014 by Nikola Gołębiewska - Using the right solution, we can make small changes that will make a big difference
How to choose a customer service system in e-commerce? 12 listopada, 2014 by Nikola Gołębiewska - The right choice of the customer service system is a complex issue. Obviously, we are talking about companies with lots of clients, where there are several more or less sophisticated systems focused on customer service.
Serve the customers as a man not a machine 30 października, 2014 by Nikola Gołębiewska - My conversations with People show that by using the latest technology, companies significantly reduce the response time for customer requests, which is undoubted advantage.
How to build customer relationship in e-commerce? 23 października, 2014 by Nikola Gołębiewska - When creating e-commerce platforms, even the big players often neglect issues of good relationships with their customers.
Weight of price. You need to lift 17 października, 2014 by Nikola Gołębiewska - To illustrate the subject will use the history that I have seen. One of the traders had to prepare leasing offer for the customer. Monthly rate amounted to 3 420 Euro. The merchant was terrified...
5 common mistakes in software development branch 3 października, 2014 by Nikola Gołębiewska - The software creation is regarded as an art. One can like it or not but it always evokes interests both in persons involved - clients and “artists” that is software developers.
5 things that are pushing up the quality of Customer Service 19 września, 2014 by Nikola Gołębiewska - Quality of service is the topic still present in the discourse of people from the business world. The vast majority of them agree that in an era of increasingly fierce and aggressive competition, customer satisfaction with the service is a component that allows to gain really much in the market at relatively low cost. It sounds good, right?
Crisis as a chance 15 września, 2014 by Nikola Gołębiewska - Crisis in a business unit is like a war for survive and sometimes more – a battle for better future (...) is a chance that can be a leverage in the company’s growth, can deliver a progress or better position on the market.

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