Software testing

Above care created in ALAN Systems software ensure our experts in the field of Quality Assurance. Their competence is confirmed both by its certification International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), as well as the effect of their work, which created high quality solutions.

As part of the software testing process, we offer many methods and ranges .: static testing (design requirements), functional tests, exploratory, performance and test automation.

In terms testingu provide, inter alia:

Management of test cases

(Mercury Quality Center)

Implementation of bugtracking systems

(FlySpray, Acpro, Bugzilla, Mantis, Jira)

Tools supporting test process

(httpwatch, Firebug, Finalbuilder)

Construction of dedicated platforms for automated testing

Effective platform for automated test.

Use the power of our expertise in testingu and increase the potential of your business.

Customizowane we build a platform to test and implement them into ongoing customer projects. We directs action depending on individual business needs.

Our solution allows you to test held by the client software, among others, in terms of safety, resistance to external attacks and data leakage. Another aspect is focused on the operation of the platform is a matter of efficiency and optimization of the load, that is, to ensure that the client system to work effectively, for example. A large number of users or the data.

Platform for automated tests are:

The solution tested by us previously implemented IT projects

Harnessing the power of computing virtual machines in the cloud (eg. Amazon AWS)

A set of methods and tools of proven effectiveness in action

Providing high capacity links and generating traffic impossible to produce in the corporate network

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