ATMS Watch

Areas of application

ATMS Watch is a system designed for medium to large companies which invest in improving productivity & operating efficiency, and value professional security management of their business.


ATMS Watch is a system written in Web technology and accessible via Internet browser. This kind of solution does not require any additional software.


Access Control & Devices Communication


ATMS Watch system consists of software and working time devices such as: terminals, card readers and cards.

Payload monitoring and vehicle traffic control

The module is used to support organization and management process connected with loading, unloading, transportation of goods and orders control.

Project Management

The module is designer to modify and organize work divided into projects and tasks.

More information can be found on the product page

The system was developed by our company for work time recording & tracking, and for access control. ATMS's key features include improving efficiency and productivity, minimizing labour costs and improving management of labour resources. Access control increases security within the company area.

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