Tele2 business mobile a review from the inside


All development work was carried out using the latest programming technologies, in accordance with Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

More than 100 people spent an entire year preparing the infrastructure and software solutions before introducing the service "Tele2 MOBILE BUSINESS". It was necessary to ensure proper communication with existing Tele2 systems and the implementation of new solutions to enable the launch of mobile services within a limited time-frame.

As Rafał Marciniak, project manager in ALAN Systems, says: " One of the biggest challenges was to coordinate a globally-distributed project team. Experts were selected from several European countries - and even from Australia!"

"Working in a team, where the actions of individuals are dependent on one another, and operating in several time zones, is like a jigsaw puzzle at a distance. An important element of the work was to integrate local systems into the global system, in order to achieve fully-automated and scalable solutions."

Christoph Benedict, Project and Process Manager in Tele2, remarked: "We chose an innovative approach and are able to adjust with flexibility to customer requirements. Combined with the new SelfCare solution, co-created by ALAN Systems, the service is simple to operate - and ensures comprehensive management of customer services.".

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This is yet another project by ALAN Systems for Tele2. These companies have already been working together for 16 years.

About ALAN Systems:

We are specializing in business processes optimization for over 16 years. Long-standing and close co-operation with big players in telecommunication and digital entertainment let us gain comprehensive expertise in this area.

We would love to support your organization in optimizing your customer engagement processes.

About Tele2:

Innovation is part of our mission and the key to our success in Austria and throughout Europe.

Our activities have helped to shape the Telecom market continuously and have contributed to the cost reductions which our Carrier and Private Customers in Austria have come to enjoy.

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