Facebook Messenger in customer service

A large number of communication channels is a big advantage. Each of the customers prefer a different form of contact. The greater number of channels the greater chance to benefit from this in most convenient way. But the real challenges are:

First challenge - many sources of data

A large number of communication channels entails collecting data from various sources. Most often, the consultant responsible for customer service must look for information in multiple systems.

This often involves the need to login to each of them and increases the time to collect the necessary data - says Łukasz Krain, project manager in ALAN Systems. His company has been for 16 years specializing in IT solutions dedicated to customer service. It is much easier to use the widgets package, which will present all the information you need on one screen - he adds.

Second challenge - the relationship with the customer

Selling is based mostly on relationships. It is the best to build them through direct contact. It seems that the business conducted via the internet does not give a chance for it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Opportunity arises when the client makes contact with the company.

Having no knowledge about the client, we cannot treat him as a good friend. If the client does not have any history that's obvious. What about situation where he or she frequently purchases our goods or services? Treated like any other the client may feel offended. Customer service consultant at the time of contact must be able to obtain a full knowledge about the client - says Łukasz Krain from ALAN Systems.

Third challenge - the procedures and trainings

Training a new employee of customer service takes from several weeks to several months. Depending on the amount of internal procedures, after this time he becomes self-reliant. The high turnover of staff in these departments generates unnecessary, extra costs.

Innovative solution dedicated to customer service consultants should actively prompt steps and accompany them constantly. On one hand, this assures the compliance of the procedures, on the other hand it increases the efficiency and speed of activities - Krain says. In addition, this approach significantly reduces the time to implement a new employee and generate savings.

Facebook Messenger as a customer service channel

At the moment, it is difficult to predict how popular Facebook Messenger will become as a communication channel. Certainly, it will join to already existing channels. Among them, telephone call is still the most popular. It emerges from many surveys. However, regardless of the communication channel chosen by the customer, the most important factor is how he will be served. Speed, accuracy, compliance with the procedures and giving the feeling that the customer is close to us are the features that allow to gain business advantage- concludes Łukasz Krain from ALAN Systems.


About ALAN Systems:

For 16 years we have been specializing in business processes optimization connected with bulding relationships with clients of our clients. Cooperating with the most powerful telecommunication and on-line entertainment companies in Europe, we have gain software development experience and business know-how. That is why we are experts and competent advisor in this range. If your company wants to increase the efficiency in attracting new clients, sales processes and customer service we are at your service. Companies in the group ALAN Systems operate in Poland, Austria and the United Arab Emirates. More information www.alan-systems.com.

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