User experience UX – important or unimportant?

The ergonomic and convenient interface should be consulted with the users during the design phase. Thanks to this, when developing new prototypes or alternatives, we will quickly find out which solutions are accepted and which ones are simply frustrating and not accepted by the users. The classic AB testing is a good example of this. Only in this way will we give users a tool they will use with pleasure.

User experience - benefits

The user satisfaction is a mutual benefit. The user receives a good product and the creator gains a reputation which is one of the most important values these days.

This is a situation where every application manufacturer would like to be. Satisfied users are the best brand ambassadors. Whisper marketing is an excellent marketing campaign and this one is effective only when it is authentic.

It is the achievement of business benefits indirectly, and through the user's benefits. Through UX, we can implement them in a long-term perspective. Getting users accustomed to our approach and expanding their group will result in positive development prospects in the upcoming years. At the same time, it will strengthen the brand image.

User experience - two examples from our experience

A project for the legend of the German automotive industry. Mobile application for iOS. Two websites for this. Everything is intended for internal use which does not change the fact that we have to meet the strict quality requirements of the interface and keep the visual identification of the product with the whole company. We work iteratively together with the final users. We count the time needed to perform actions. We check how the system behaves on different devices. We check if it is handled with one finger. Together, we decide what to display first on the screen, right after logging in. Effect? We have been developing the system for over a year and everything indicates that the customer is satisfied with this cooperation and wants to gradually expand the scope of the project to the next stages.

An online advertising platform to buy and sell fitness equipment. A customer from Nurenberg trusted us and our skills in the issue of user experience from the very beginning. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that the system would display perfectly on every device, so that the extensive fee system would remain transparent and attractive, and fitness club owners eagerly threw their equipment there. We have improved the registration / adding process several times to reduce time, increase convenience and achieve optimal data quality. As a result, the platform has become the largest internet service in German-speaking countries and is now six years old.

User experience - summary

We hope that we managed to convinced you about the importance of UX. If you are interested in this topic and you are preparing to launch an IT project, you can contact us.

We will provide support with pleasure.. It will be really nice to hearing froim you!


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