New telecommunications solution for business created with our assistance

For 12 months more than 100 people were preparing the infrastructure and software solutions in order to start the service "Tele2's mobile business." The necessary work included preparation of the whole project in a way ensuring proper communication with existing Tele2 systems and implementation of many new solutions enabling the launch of mobile services in a given period of time.

One of the biggest challenges was to coordinate globally distributed project team. Selected experts came from several European countries and even from Australia.

Working in a team, where actions of individual people are dependent on one another, operating in several time zones, is like a jigsaw puzzle at a distance.

An important element of the work was to integrate local systems into the global system in order to achieve the fully automated and scalable solutions. The service is extremely simple to manage by corporations, with the new co-created by ALAN Systems SelfCare solution enabling complete management of customer services on the platform

The entire development work was carried out with the use of the latest programming technologies and in accordance with the Scrum and Kanban methodologies. This is our another project for Tele2. We have been working together for 16 years.


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