New – for preschoolers parents

To meet the expectations of preschoolers parents, soon become an internet platform designed and dedicated for parents, whose kids attend to the kindergartens, which are using our ATMS Kids system.

By registering on, parents will be able to benefit, in an easy and convenient way, via a web browser, using their home PC, laptop or mobile phone, from the following functionalities:

- preview of the calendar of child’s presence at the kindergarten

- information about the receivables for child’s stay at the kindergarten

- messages from the kindergarten

Additionally, to improve navigation through the platform functionalities and make it more intuitive – we are changing the site layout. Platforms’ graphics will also be modernized.

By these changes we would like to improve the communication between the preschoolers parents and the kindergartens, using our ATMS Kids system.

What is more, our new platform will be also dedicated to all Internet users, for whom pre-school education of children is close to their heart. They will be able to subscribe our newsletter or follow our blog via RSS feed and will receive news about our online platform, interesting articles, and notifications about events, worth recommending for kindergartens, preschoolers and their parents.

We would like the to become an inspiration for all these parents and kindergartens, who are not yet familiar with our system. We would like to present the kindergartens, how to record the time and account for the cost of children presence at the kindergarten in a fast and convenient way on one hand. On the other hand, we would like also to show preschoolers parents, how to access the data of the time and costs of their children’s stay at the kindergarten in a fast and convenient way (using mobile phone or laptop).

See for yourself at:!

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