Fast, cheap, good. Is the software created in this way?

Let's start with fast. Such a wish usually arises from ignorance of the process of software development. In short, it consists of the following stages:

1. Identification of needs.

That is a single conversation or a lot of conversetions on the purpose of the application. What problem sould be solved? Who is it targeted to? In what direction is it to be developed? What technology to use? Precise recognition of needs is one of those aspects that ALAN Systems pays special attention to and in which we have extensive experience. It results from almost twenty years of presence on European markets, where the functionality and usefulness play crucial role. We have learned that without precision in this area it is difficult to achieve the expected goal.

2. Software development

It is nothing more but transferring business needs into programming languages. As a result, the ordered application, system or other IT solution is created. At this point, technology meets the expectations of the potential user. Constant contact with the client, exchange of ideas and mutual understanding is In our employees’ blood. Thanks to this, their work is the most effective and focused on the software value.

3. Tests

There is no application without errors. There are only those better or worse diagnosed. Of course, this does not justify treating this stage neglectfully. Software testing is very often the longest part of the software development process. It should cover both the application itself- its performance, usability, security, and minor - but from the point of view of the end user – important elements such as the grammar or language style.

4. Support after implementation and development

It happens that due to cost-cutting customers want to give up this stage. It is a mistake. Launching the application on the market or using it within the company is just the beginning of a software life! At this stage, new ideas for its improvement and even changes in the scheme color or icons layout appear. We are always eager to accompany the client at this stage and we advise him not to giving up this stage.

As one can see, this is a process spread over time. Of course, everything can be done quickly, but it will affect quality. There are, of course, very simple projects that do not require time, but let's just say frankly that such topics are „tuned in” by freelancers.

Since we have already explained that it is not possible to do both fast and well, concentrate now on cheap. The issue of cheapness is always an individual feeling. For each of us, it means something else. Therefore, it is better to use the term price as the price is calculted on the basis of arrangements, scope of work and other objective indicators. We are sure that in this respect we will find something satisfying for both parties.

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