CREAM 18.7 – more convenient, simpler, more effective work!

First of all, we have completely redesigned the main menu, there is no further development - each module is available as a separate item - just one click to get the right information.

Second, the list of this information is more compact and has received the "All" tab - again one click to jump to the correct data range.

Thirdly, "Tasks", "Meetings" and "Communication" are now available under one menu option "Activities" - literally one click to have them "to do" on one view.

What's more, any data editing form will surprise you with the question "do you really want to leave it" if the data has not been saved and you accidentally clicked the "Back" button in your browser. And finally, the search results will display with photos and logos for contacts and employees.

Little? It does not matter - we're just starting!

The full list of changes here.


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