CREAM 1.16 – greater efficiency

In the next stage of CREAM development, ALAN Systems project team has focused on functionalities to increase ergonomics and efficiency. The changes were preceded by several weeks of analysis and communication with almost 1,000 CREAM users.

The main motivation to enhance the work on our solution was to enable users to focus primarily on solving customer problems. The effect was achieved through interface changes and the increase of automation degree in the requests handling process.

CREAM alone creates new issues during the contact with the customer. Thus, the user saves time on mechanical action, being able to go directly to the content of the work. It becomes, therefore, more effective, and reduces the time needed to solve a single task. From the point of view of the final customer , it shortens the waiting time for a response from the company.

Additionally, we have equipped customer service departments in the possibility of broadcasting severity incoming queries. This is especially important in the case of firms receiving large amounts of inquiries from customers. This feature allows professionals to deal with customer support issues in the order of their importance. For example, the VIP ‘s query customer will be considered first.

The changes introduced with version 1.16 are not limited to these two. Their full list is available here.

Do you want to know more about CREAM care? This solution is dedicated to customer service. The short description you can find here.

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