Communication in the project is the key to success

Paradoxically, good communication seems to be obvious and it may be the biggest problem with it. Everyone assumes that everyone else involved in the project will know its importance, so it will certainly work without any problems.

Life shows, however, that this approach is wrong. Of course, everyone understands the concept of good communication, but without a light formalization, this element of the project usually does not go. Everyone assumes that it is important that everyone knows this and as a result, nobody tries to create its principles and framework. Finally, it does not work as it should.

So how to prepare communication well at the initial stage of the project? Two key factors are really important: map and speed. Just like the default settings in Google Maps, that is, drive to the destination most effectively in the route length / time layout.

Communication in the project: a map

Do not let the name frighten you. The map of communication does not require decades of cartographic studies. It is simply establishing how and between whom design information should flow. It is also worth taking into account the individual stages of the project here. Perhaps the boss does not have to participate in the work, but it would be worthy to inform him about the results and endings of each individual stages? It is also important to know what to do and who to turn to in case of a problem that you cannot resolve at your level. It is worth defining when and to whom problems or works related to the implementation of particular tasks should be transferred to. When preparing a map of communication, you must anticipate unforeseen!

Communication in the project: speed

No, it's not about thev speed of action, solving a problem, creating more lines of code. It is about the speed of reaction. When implementing an IT project, we inform one another quickly, always remembering about the communication map. When the flow of information fails, the decision-maker will not be able to react properly. Either she will not know about the problem at all, or she will not have a full picture of it. This may result in a design downtime, risk materialization or the choice of the wrong solution.

Communication in the project: after the project

Thus, the speed and precision of communication is crucial in an IT project. And what after it, will you ask? As in the first paragraph we wrote that the project also counts. We are already explaining. The map of communication will be useful even in the customer support section.

Let's assume that the goal of the project is to create an application for customer service. The application works, is used by customers and as we wrote in this text, along with allowing users to operate the application, you can prepare yourself for unexpected problems. The customer support will have to face them. Thanks to the communication map created at the design stage, their lives will be simpler. It will be immediately known to whom and what to turn to.

Communication in the project: summary

At the end we digest the slogan of Bill Clinton, who, according to the legend, kept in the form of a tablet on his presidential desk: Communication fool!


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