Coding Contest in Rybnik

On 16.11.2018, the 29th International CCC took place. Over 3000 participants attended the 28 venues. The aim was to secure the G13 summit in Moscow from snipers in the year 2020.

The School Coding Contest started at 10:00am. The Classic CCC started at 15:00. There were no age restrictions and with more than 2,000 participants, the 28 host cities were well packed. Here the victory went to Romania as well. The team “Infoarenacoders” managed 7 levels in 2 hours and 23 minutes.

The field of participants is very wide – from young to old, students, professionals. The examples are not academic but come from practice. Everything is allowed, the goal is predetermined, but the path to it is up to the participants.

804 teams from the whole world participated in the contest, at ALAN Systems premises we hosted tree. The highest scoring them was “Parmezan”, which ranked in 236th place passing 4 levels of global gameplay.

Participants said the contest allowed them to face interestingly-prepared tasks and their faces said it all - the game was fierce. We hope that the atmosphere, medals, awards (in our edition Raspberry Pi) and pizza allowed them to admit that evening was successful. Very successful.


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