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App maintenance. Why SHOULD we do this?

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App maintenance. Why SHOULD we do this?

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The end of the project and the release of the “live” application is a success, a source of pride, but unfortunately, often the end of work. Why, unfortunately? Well, in this perspective a very important aspect escapes: the mobile app maintenance. As you have probably concluded from the title, you cannot forget about it!

This scenario appears too often. We do the application, sometimes omit the business analysis, forget that the needs are not requirements and we release it to the network. We open champagne, congratulate one another , we are happy with the increasing number of users, finally forget about the technical side and functional development.

This approach raises potentially many problems. The first one seems obvious. No application is free of errors. None. Despite of the tests and patches at the design stage. Of course, you can release a well-developed application in terms of code. We do not praise it, but we do it practically every time ?However, a good code does not mean success.

App maintenance – the role of users

After the application is released, a new variable appears. The users. And they are different from each other. Each of them has their own habits, experiences, needs and way of acting. Users tend to take their own shortcuts, think in a completely different way than you – the creator of the application. Therefore, with the mass access to the app, the product imperfections will come to light.

If you have not anticipated app maintenance, you should expect problems at this stage. The users first unleash the storm, and then start to leave massively. The short era of mobile applications brings thousands of such examples.

App maintenance – brand reputation and credibility

Here we come to the next aspect of business reality. Reputation, credibility, openness to customers, which are the users. Regardless of whether the application is paid or free, app maintenance is a sign of your credibility and the way you are perceived by the users. The users are picky and they have a lot of other proposals at their disposal. You will show that you care about them by keeping the app.

App maintenance – technical necessity

No application works in a vacuum. Each of them operates on the basis of a platform such as iOS or Android, which every year receive new functions, sometimes abandoning the old ones, and the role of developers is to keep up with them. In the case of typically business solutions, the application usually integrates with other systems operating in the company. In short, it must be compatible with the surrounding ecosystem. If it is not maintained, sooner or later it will stop working. Just like this.

App maintenance – security

Probably we all still remember the “hit” of May called GDPR. An obsolete technical application is more vulnerable to cyber attacks than those based on the latest technologies. If you store and process personal data of your users, you have no choice but to take care of their security. And you will not do it if you do not keep the application. End of the story.

Not to mention the fact that the application can be simply incompatible with the GDPR. If you offer it in the European Union, then you must keep in mind all regulations and legal requirements in the countries where it is supposed to operate. The situation becomes even more complicated when your product successfully conquers the world. Certainly, it will be necessary to analyze the changes in the law followed by service changes.

A good ending will be the words of Ray Charlese’s mother, a soul pioneer. What he said in one of the interviews would not bring Confucius to his knees, but he is brilliant in his simplicity: If you do something do it right or don’t do it at all. Referring this quote to the subject of this text, you can say: If you are launching an app on the market, don’t forget to maintain it, or don’t release it at all.

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