ALAN Systems invited to take part in a process related to determining Rybnik city development strategy

In response to the Rybnik president Adam Fudali’s invitation, ALAN Systems representatives participated in strategy workshops. The main purpose of the workshops is to determine together the main priorities concerning the city development for the next few years. The workshops have been attended by local leaders and experts coming from environments related to various areas, such as business, clergy, education, sports associations. The events are supposed to result in a document containing a vision of Rybnik development. The document is to undergo social consults and then will be given to the city council which will adopt a resolution concerning the document.

A series of meetings is held by Krzysztof Wrana, who teaches at the University of Economics in Katowice. The participants of the meetings try to find answers to questions that concern the strengths and weaknesses of the city and the region. They determine the domains that could help Rybnik develop and become competitive with the neighboring cities.

We hope that the cooperation between the city council, local institutions and entrepreneurs will be beneficial and that it will result in a vision of Rybnik development that will concern the areas that are the most relevant to the local entrepreneurs and residents.

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