A higher level of customer service in the MyHammer

We have finished the implementation of CREAM care for a client whose business development we have supported for many years. CREAM allows agents more efficient implementation of tasks connected with comprehensive customer service. Additionally, we have created the module expanding standard reporting functions and powerful tools BI (Business Intelligence) for managers.

MyHammer agents perform their relationship with customers by phone calls both incoming and outgoing. So, the first step before implementation, was the integration between CREAM and the VoIP server used in MyHammer. The system registers all events: outgoing and incoming and identifying the client at the same time. The consultant receives all relevant information about the client on one screen . It helps to solve the problem effectively. CREAM searches contextually in the databases all necessary information and delivers it to the consultant. The consultant does not waste time on manual searches and customer service process is executed much faster.

Another important step was the the extension of CREAM standard reporting functions with powerful BI tools. That provides additional reports including such information as - the working time of consultants , the duration of one phone call, the number of phone calls that can be made daily and, what their effects are, etc. The results of the reports are presented on dedicated widgets (the technology generally used in the CREAM in order to determine the content dynamically). As a result, it is possible to check the involvement of subordinate employees and their effectiveness.

Implementation of CREAM care for the client is also integrated with systems functioning at MyHammer .The first step is the synchronization of customer data using standard vCard (supported now by CREAM). It allowed the contextual display of information through the use of dedicated widgets displaying personalized content of the systems used by MyHammer. The basic requirement to make the whole process (workflow) associated with customer service based on the mechanisms provided under the CREAM system was fulfilled.

MyHammer is a service presenting offers made by professionals involved in the repairs in houses and maintenance of gardens. People looking for such a support can place their announcements there, too. The system operates in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


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