ATMS Kids is our original software solution dedicated to automatic recording and accounting of time and cost of the child presence in kindergarten

ATMS Kids is a web-based solution (accessible via web browser, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

System administration is in scope of ALAN Systems duties. This solution minimizes costs of commissioning and eliminates extra costs related to involving customer in the process of system operation.

It works using encrypted protocol HTTPS, that makes high security of transmitted data - such solutions are common used in secured systems like e-banking.

This system has wide possibilities of enhancements in the future. We have involved in this project several high skilled specialists from our company.

Because of commitment of our best IT specialists, ATMS Kids has reached the point, where we can adjust (by configuration) to almost any (even the most complicated) act of local authority.

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