Business Process Management Software

Client: Office for Cooperation with Business of the University of Silesia

Country: Poland

Industry: University

- 39 users with a planned significant extension
- 200 companies and cooperating entities
- 2,027 academic teachers
- 26,000 students

The Office for Cooperation with Business is a unit of university administration, whose task is to build cooperation between the University of Silesia and entrepreneurs, business environment institutions and local government units.

The challange

The Office for Cooperation with the Business, due to the nature of its activities, pays special attention to streamlining internal processes, effective planning and efficient workflow. Therefore, the Office was looking for an IT tool supporting the above mentioned activities. They have looked for tools that can be implemented and developed gradually and that can be developed as needs change. The next stages of CREAM development at the University of Silesia are improvements in solving cases, VoIP communication as well as integration and downloading data from other university systems.

An important condition from the point of view of the Office for Cooperation with the Business was the lack of the need to install the software in the computer infrastructure, which often involves additional costs related to the replacement or expansion of computer hardware. In addition, it was important for the client to be able to use the tool via mobile devices.

The solution

Due to previous cooperation with ALAN Systems, the Office for Cooperation with Business of the University of Silesia decided to implement in its structures our own XRM solution called CREAM.

Due to the flexibility of our system, we have easily adapted its functionality to the current needs of the client. Due to the fact that CREAM is a "cloud" solution, there was no need to carry out a long-term implementation process. They were replaced by user training with the basics of the solution.

CREAM is used to view and provide a smooth workflow, plan and report tasks, set meeting dates, and administer resources in the form of conference and lecture halls. The Office for Cooperation with the Business regularly implements new functionalities that appear together with subsequent versions of CREAM.