Customer Support and Marketing Software Solutions

Client: MyHammer AG

Country: Germany

Industry: Building and renovation services

- 40 consultants in 3 teams (in the section that uses CREAM)
- Over 19,000 telephone calls per month
- Over 25 marketing campaigns per month
- Access to over 350,000 craftsmen
- Access to over 5 million orders

MyHammer is a company that manages the largest portal in Germany offering a wide range of construction and renovation services on the Internet. It is a leader in helping companies in search of clients, and in turn helps clients to find a company with appropriate qualifications. MyHammer ensures compliance with transaction regulations and checks information on the qualifications of bidders.

The challange

The client has made regular telephone campaigns in his Outbound Call-Center. There is a need to have a tool that, firstly, regulates the conversation and allows you to plan the activities of employees and secondly - allows tracking the progress of the campaign.

It has been also important that the tool integrates with the VoIP telephony system during the operation. Employees' access to the context of a given client was equally important.

The client has also wanted to settle the work of the employees in a more precise way. Therefore, a tool was needed to log in the time spent on performing specific activities and to estimate the effectiveness on this basis.

The solution

As a part of the cooperation, we have implemented our own CREAM software in MyHammer. We have tailored the scope to the client's business needs by implementing modules supporting customer service processes and running marketing campaigns. The system was implemented and launched in a relatively short time.

Phone communication is one of the main customer contact channels in MyHammer. That's why the solution was enriched with the integration with the VoIP exchange. The implemented CREAM solution has been supported by 30 consultants who deal with over 19,000 telephone calls per month. Thanks to CREAM integration with an external customer database, we enabled not only the appearance of a given contact in CREAM but also, through widgets, displaying contextual data while performing customer-related activities.

CREAM is enriched with dedicated mobile applications - for both MyHammer clients and for customer service employees. They significantly facilitate and accelerate communication, which is emphasized by satisfied customers.

In addition to improving the quality of customer service and increasing the number of clients served, the CREAM improved the comfort of consultants' work, which was an indirect goal of implementation.