Dedicated customer support software solutions

Client: GVC

Country: Austria

Industry: Electronic entertainment

- 24/7 working time of the customer service department
- 30,000 bets a day
- 18 languages supported in the customer support department
- 90 different sports in offer

GVC Holdings is one of the most popular companies in Europe in the area of electronic entertainment and gaming. It manages many brands in over 20 countries around the world. It employs over 28,000 employees and associates. In its activities it is guided by business ethics, placing a special role on customer service and satisfaction.

The challenge

Change of customer service to be more personalized, faster and more effective. Providing customer service representatives with access to all the most important information allowing to solve customers' requests. Increasing the efficiency of the solution being the basic tool for the department. The ability to access data from several locations around the world. Adaptation to the reality of the so-called big data, work on large amounts of data enabling the creation of massive and personalized marketing campaigns to increase sales. The application must run without interruption.

The solution

Within three months we have prepared a beta version of the CREAM care solution dedicated to customer service and marketing departments. The customer constantly participated in the creation of functionalities and subsequent versions of the solution. As a result, all new possibilities matched precisely with the current needs of the client.

CREAM is used as an "umbrella" - thanks to many dedicated widgets, it allows to show data from various sources in one process and perform operations in other information systems. A customer service employee does not need to know all systems, CREAM will guide him by showing only what he needs and enabling effective resolution of the problem - by following the procedures and standards implemented in the GVC.

CREAM at GVC receives large updates every month. After preparing it for the needs of the customer service department, we started the process of building functionalities needed in the marketing department. In this way, the solution allows you to actively respond to requests from the final customers, and actively seek for their attention and offer them new offers prepared on the basis of the user's history and behavior analysis.