Advertising platform for fitness branch

Customer profile

The originator of this project is German referee Deniz Aytekin. Since 2008 the official referee of Bundesliga. He is a Member of the Board in several companies and develops his business and commercial activities via internet. A new company - Fitnessmarkt GmbH was established giving its name to the whole advertising portal.

Problem/ Customer need

The customer noticed a marketing gap in functioning of professional advertising platform addressed to fitness branch connected with opinions interchange and expert knowledge. The customer had very clear requirements and a vision of what it wants to gain. After a discussion and customer requirements analysis, the “made-to-measure” platform was created, flexible and continuously developing.


Within 2 months, a new version of portal was created combining all fundamental functions and hosted on ALAN Systems server. The platform is to be accessible for private persons, producers and fitness clubs. After defining a profile, users can sell fitness equipment and buyers can search goods using different advanced searching filters. One of them is the location indicating the closest offers of needed equipment. The user can create the list of observed advertisements and sellers fulfilling his needs. The purchase decision is made with the help of goods comparison system.

Effect, advantages

The product satisfied customer requirements. The technological solutions turned out to be practical and very useful. The platform works faultlessly and is used by more and more people. Every month about 200 new sellers and 600 new advertisements appears. The advertisements can be added free of charge, however, makes profit on highlighted offers and is the expert in fitness branch.

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