System generating and sending e-invoices

Customer profile

Austrian branch of an international telecommunication company, mobile phone operator, Internet and cable TV supplier. The company operates in 12 countries in Europe and has 34 million customers. It is the second biggest mobile phone operator in Austria having 20% subscribers.

Problem/ Customer need

The company cooperating with the customer unexpectedly informed about the end of the business activity. The company was responsible for the implementation and functioning of invoices system in an electronic form. The client found itself in a very difficult business situation. The agreements with the final customers were constructed in such a way, that termination of the service was impossible. To create a new system from a scratch one needed 6 weeks. The biggest IT companies were rejecting the proposal claiming the deadline is too close. The only company that took up the challenge was ALAN Systems.


The system consistency was the most important. The old system served as a model to create totally new system generating and distributing e-invoices. The system included backend and browser side. The most crucial factor was the time. ALAN Systems software developers were using “in house” method at the customer office and each stage of the process was approved very efficiently.

Result, adventages

The system was finished as it planned. The change was invisible for final customers. What is more, the application created by ALAN Systems included many improvements compared to previous version. The customer received user-friendly and improved product with many new functionalities. It resulted in entering into cooperation with ALAN Systems which would lead to many new projects.

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