Case management system

Customer profile

The biggest in Europe and one of the most popular online gambling entrepreneurs all over the world offering a wide range of online games. The company, listed on London Stock Exchange, has million customers. In 2013 it generated the profit of 652 million pounds. It employs 2770 employees. Business ethics is the key factor of this company as well as customer service and customer satisfaction.

Problem/ Customer need

Due to continuous business development and increase of customers, the previous dedicated system created for them became less efficient. The need to change the work of customer service specialists to more efficient, standardized and easy to verify turned up.

Goal: To create new, flexible case management system organizing the work of consultants according to proven schemes and methods. Harmonization of the whole customer service process. At the same time, reduction of training costs for new employees.


ALAN Systems specialists, like in other projects, used in practice the Agile, Scrum and Kanban method. Thanks to such an attitude, the customer could participate in every stage of work and the project was precisely adjusted to the customer needs. The communication chaos was averted. Beta version was ready to use within 3 months. Fast and efficient project realization encouraged the customer to develop the system. New campaign module to marketing department has been created. It is responsible for conducting well-organized, automated marketing campaigns and enables direct contact with final clients. The change was realized step by step with smooth transition from the old system to new one.The employees operating the systems were asked about their impressions.

Effect, advantages

The system used for customer service and marketing campaign adjusted to current customer needs has been implemented within 10 months. 800 people all over the word is working on it, the plans are to be 1000 people. The project is to be flexible and customized.

After system implementation the training time of new employees was reduced. The work of customer service specialists became more efficient, faster, standardized and more comfortable. There is the possibility to monitor activity of employees and verify the service process. Marketing campaigns are conducted in an organized and optimized way targeted at particular customers.

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