CREAM advisor

Fast and professional consultation

Your customers do not have time to visit, do not want to meet face to face but expect a prompt and professional response. Thanks CREAM advisor you are offering them their services quickly and conveniently.

Offering paid services advisory

Grant paid legal advice, medical, psychological and astrological? Customers pay for the consultation through the payment systems integrated with the application. They can buy individual packages advice or questions.

Convenient channel customer service

Most of your customers has a smartphone at hand and likes to use it. Make the relationship with the client stronger. Offer them an application to ask questions regarding the operation or maintenance of your products.

Regardless of time and place

You can provide their services at a distance. Your client does not have to arrange an appointment, wait in line for a phone call. In the same way your professionals - can answer questions from anywhere and at any time!

Intuitive operation

Contact consultant is done through mobile apps (iOS, Android). The customer asks a question and selects one of your specialists, with whom he wants to consult. The question goes to the specialist and the client receives a response straight to your smartphone.

How it's working?

See the example implementation for Adviqo AG, granting the company on a global scale tips esoteric as it may run our solution.

Realization for Adviqo

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