The Business Cheetah title for ALAN Systems

In the competition „The Business Cheetah 2010” ALAN Systems has taken a high 10th place among the 181 companies that met the conditions of the competition, i.e. achieved 10% increase of the market value in 2008-2010. Beside this, in the "Effective Company 2010" ranking, out of 264 IT companies qualified to contest, ALAN Systems ranked up to 14 position.

The position in the "Effective Company" ranking is determined by the three-year average net profit compared to operating income. Companies, whose three-year average net profit to operating income was at least 5%, in accordance with the Regulations, were considered effective and included in this ranking.

The methodology, used in the competition „ The Business Cheetah”, shows how much the company would be worth if its stock was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The market value is determined on the basis of stock market indicators and the financial data published in the National Court Registry.

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