Life adviser with one tap

However our task does not seek to break down cards. It was closer to numerology because the entire IT can finally be reduced to a binary code of ones and zeros.

We have prepared two mobile apps for iOS and Android device users. For advisors - a special web application is accessible via the browser. Architecture designed for high traffic works perfectly. The whole has been integrated with the customer’s IT solutions enabling to download the list of active advisors, the data from them and responses provided by them. In addition, we have implemented reporting mechanisms to the external analytical systems.

Another important change was the addition, after English and German, the Spanish version. As a result, applications are gaining popularity not only in Spain but also in Mexico and... the United States, where there is a large percentage of people speaking this language.

A particular challenge in this project was the short time we have had for its implementation. However, we took on that challenge. This is due to the commitment of our team, developer skills and experience in this type of work.

This is our next project for "adviqo AG". We have been cooperating with each other for many years and we are proud that we can contribute to the development of its business. Year after year, we understand it better and better.

The application can be downloaded both from the Google Play and Apple Store. It is available in English, German and Spanish. At the moment "adviqo AG" decided not to launch the Polish version.


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