We care for the physical condition – we have built a platform for the fitness company!

In this platform the base is our authorial framework, also used in our CREAM solution. To create EMS-Training.de platform, we used AngularJS, Grails, HTML 5, Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CqRS) and REST and SASS technology. As in other development works, in creation of this platform we used the Domain-Driven Design approach.

The platform has not only the advertising role but also substantive one. Advertising module allows to create a fitness studio profile and search for studios who offer EMS training. A profile is created on the basis on selection of one of three packages to be paid traditionally or using the Wirecard payment system, integrated with the platform. The substantive part of the platform (magazine, knowledge base) is presented in a boxes form and it easily administered easily by CMS.

The project has been completed within only two months, thanks to the knowledge of the specific German market and experience in this type of activities. What is important, it is our next successful project for the same client, so we are happy that we can support the development his activities.

See how it works on: www.EMS-training.de


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