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The site illustrates the CREAM idea – increasing the efficiency of processes in organization. Here you will discover that all this is due to integration of our system with the systems existing in the company, usage of widgets and technology based on cloud and mobile.

CREAM solutions is presented in details in two tabs. In the first of them - Cloud – you will know web applications; in the second - Mobile - mobile applications. You will learn from articles published in the Blog how CREAM works. Thanks to the resources gathered in the Support section you will learn about news and improvement which have appeared in the next version of the solution. Here you will find continuously developed knowledge base about CREAM and answers to common questions about the system.

It is addressed to current users of CREAM to facilitate the daily work with the system. Using the home page you can log in to the system and go to work.

By logging in to you can also gain the scope of support dedicated to your version of the system. In the page resources you will find useful FAQ. Are you curious which direction we develop CREAM? The latest information you can read on “what's new” page. If you are wondering what else CREAM offers, you can get to know our other solutions by going directly to the site

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