CREAM at the warehouse

While visiting the customer , the salesman places an order using the application CREAM deal+ An entry of the order appears in the CREAM sales which makes it available via the application CREAM storekeeper, dedicated to warehouse staff , who can see orders placed by salesmen. Then the warehouse staff takes action. Using a mobile device equipped with a barcode reader compatible with EAN codes, more items of contract can be completed and more positions can be added if the contract is extended. The whole process is fast and efficient, and the warehouse staff is sure that no mistake has been made and the whole order has been completed. Thanks to this, an order can be ready for shipment before the end of the business meeting , which is immediately visible on CREAM deal+ due to the exchange of data between CREAM and mobile applications.

The latest application is dedicated to companies having a warehouse and actively working sales team which want to increase its competitive advantage through the speed of orders realization.

Moreover, CREAM sales and mobile applications are focused on cooperation with ERP systems, including warehouse management, whether in terms of reporting completed orders or maintaining up to date inventory, used by salesmen in CREAM deal+

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