CREAM 18.6 – prologue

This time, not one main change but a few smaller ones were given to users. In the task report for the team there was the opportunity to click on the number of tasks for the selected employee on the selected date, which automatically redirects to the list, where in the details you can check these tasks.

The calendar has been supplemented with a new view of the so-called "Schedule", which will display individual time and task axes for selected employees, which allows better assessment of "free slots" in which the manager will plan a common task.

Search results have become clearer by displaying the date of the last update. Adding yourself or other participants to matters / activities is easier - instead of going through the edit form, all you have to do is change the field with just one click.

In turn, the multiple-choice filter (eg status) on the lists is now more intuitive and the change is always on one list of options (not as before on two separate, to select and delete).

The last change is DELETION of memorizing recent contacts that once caused automatic entry as a participant in the matter / activity. This time, we took away something that was unfavorable in most scenarios, introduced ambiguity and resulted in additional clicks to remove the selected participant. Sometimes it is a step back that adds value!

The full list of changes here.


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