CREAM 1.6 – what’s new?

We have also done improvement in Requests - the functionality belonging to a solution that supports customer service - CREAM care. Waiting requests and My requests we have combined into one single stream. They are also enriched with a filter to display all pending Tasks (assigned or associated) and all Tasks in progress (on which work started).

However, the list of changes is much longer:


In the edition of Cases where you define the steps and sentences, the view to the entire width of the screen has been extended, so that one can work more comfortably. We have also expanded the file field in order to make dragging tasks definition from the gallery easier


My tasks changed to Open tasks and enriched it with a filter to display all pending tasks (assigned or associated) and all tasks in progress (on which work started)


The possibility to add attachments when you manually add Tasks


The report "full evaluation report" shows now after which time the connection to the selected recipient of the Campaign has been done


We have expanded permissions for Products


We have expanded powers for the Orders

Usability enhancements

Calendar remembers the selections used when viewing contacts / employee / resources If the desktop is not configured, the system displays an empty but friendly information


All statuses are now presented in the form of signs


Employees list can now assign group attributes

Phone Integration

The possibility of initiating VoIP calls from the widget (integration with Starface PBX) The administrator can specify the VoIP voip references for an employee using a special widget

More about CREAM on our blog


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