Analiza biznesowa. Czy w ogóle jest potrzebna?

Business analysis. Is it necessary at all?

Analiza biznesowa. Czy w ogóle jest potrzebna?

Exactly - what for –you will ask? Let's start with the fact that, first and foremost, this is not hindering your life. On the contrary, the analysis of business processes means great er efficiency and development. If you assume that everyone says so, please devote 2 minutes and 10 seconds to read this text. We Promise that you will not Get bored and it will not be the waste of time, but rather investment in knowledge expanding

You will not create a system that nobody wants to use

Even if your company has not been affected by such a situation, there are projects that cost a lot of money, which in effect, were not used by the employees. Theoretically, the whole process went according to the plan and the created system concerned exactly the area we wanted. It had the functionalities we needed. So what went wrong? Business analysis was missing. There were no answers to the questions: what should be the system mechanics? Who will use it? What scope of responsibility do they have? How do they communicate with one another? What kind of data do they need? Sometimes the lack of some small detail, such as the customer's internalnumber, causes the whole system looses its sense.

Profit in itself even if you do not decide to implement

Business analysis can be a closed process. It gives measurable benefits to acompany where it will be professionally made. We, every time, finish it with a document including conclusions, risks, threats and a whole list of problems to be solved. As soon as possibile.. Very often it turns out that they go beyond the project area. It happens even that the number of problems detected during the analysis of business processes is so big that the company decides to change the priorities, area and scope of necessary activities. As one knows, the vast majority of our activities happens in German-speaking countries and we have encounter a special case there. During the business analysis, it turned out that problems to be solved cry and scream. The company decided that at this stage it is not ready for development and must focus on sorting out basic issues.

Longer means shorter, more expensive means cheaper

Sounds like an oxymoron, but this is true. Theoretically, the time devoted to business analysis extends the time needed to implement the project. Theoretically. In practice, after conducting a thorough business analysis, the rest of the project "happens" faster. Simply, we and the client know where we are going and, above all, what path we follow.

It also avoids situations where after the implementation of, for example, 6 stages of the project, you have to make a stop and go back to step 2. It may happen in a project where business analysis is lacking. Why? As without it during the work unforseen problems can occur. Someone forgot something, someone did not anticipate something, someone came up with a completely new idea. As a result, it leaves more expensive and longer.

Imagine a house construction project. At the end of the work, it turns out that we have more funds than we anticipated. Let’s build a garage! But wait a minute. It was not included in the construction of foundations. So what can we do? At most, we can put up a carport ...

Business analysis. The beginning and the end.

Business analysis will certainly take place as the first step in the project. What's next? It depends on the methodology. In case of Waterfall, it usually ends here. In the Agile methodology that we prefer, business analysis is a permanent element of the development works. It takes place before each sprint, it accompanies the developers when creating the next lines of code. Thanks to this approach, we minimize the risk of project failure.

The devil is not so black as he is painted

Let's summarize, because we have promised that it will take 2 minutes 10 seconds to read the text. If we want the whole project to go smoothly, effectively and without unpleasant surprises, business analysis is essential.

You need to suppress the feeling of reluctance to devote time to it (and so we will do 80%). It can not be suggested that without it one can save a little money and that everything will last longer. As we have shown, it is quite the opposite.

There is only one condition of success: it must be done professionally. If you want to be sure contact us. We will not let you down.