You are an innovative team player?
You are able to cope with difficult situations?


Get to know our way of working.


With us you have a chance to work in a professionals team and execute ambitious tasks. In this work you will use your strengths and develop your skills, you will confront the tasks that have an impact on the implementation of innovative and international projects.


We work at hours that enable us to carry out the tasks effectively and have the life-work balance. The team relations are strengthened during the integration meetings for which we also often invite our families. We support one another in realizing our passions. We appreciate you for who you are and what you are interested in.


Our headquarter is located in Rybnik, where we work in our own modern office building. Great location makes that we are close to the train station and the city center. We have a spacious parking for cars and bicycles. There are modern and comfortable offices , not an open space, in our headquarter that allows us to work effectively and comfortably.


Ford Mustang - this is our company car. 317 horsepower , shiny red . To use by employees during business trips, as unconventional company promotion. Importantly, not only employees of the sales department but also developers visit customers. There is a big chance that you will also feel its power under your right foot.